The Man Room

Real men pray everyday…

Real Men

Real Men Have Strength of Character

A real man doesn’t cry or moan, he doesn’t complain; he doesn’t get sick and doesn’t need to go to the doctor every time he sneezes. A real man makes sound, informed decisions and lives with the consequences. A real man accepts responsibility for his actions and his words. A real man is firm. A real man does all this by leaning on Christ and following the Word of God.

3304144If life dishes out lemons, a real man makes lemonade and moves on. A real man is macho, tough, and able to control his emotions. A real man is the backbone of his family and doesn’t have time to be weak. If spiders scare you, you’ll never be a real man. A real man does all this by following Jesus Christ and walking with Him each day closer to God.

A real man prays every day to the Lord Almighty. A real man practices self-control, is humble about his successes, and gives credit to God for all things good. A real man loves others as he loves God and strives to make the lives of those around him better in the name of Christ. A real man loves God with all his heart, mind, body, and soul. A real man is a child of God.

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